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Before colonoscopy – Grandiose moment – My last supper?

On the 23rd May 2005, Valérie took her last supper. Her male cat was sitting
on her right. It was later discovered that if you looked closely at the painting,
he was neutered and possibly could have been a female.
Some said he could have been her husband. What is striking is that her
husband was not present as his love for yellow metal structure too him to the
far North.
None of her apostles or disciples were present, mainly as she had none and
no one had yet come to realise her prophecy and sainthood.
Her husband at times came close to it but often felt her evil side was
overtaking that side of her so he was uncertain of their future together.
Her cat, dog and horses knew and saw it but unfortunately struggle to let the
rest of humankind know about it.
Her last supper consisted of:
Tacos and hummous
Rice and sheep cheese
Wheat free almond cookies (onlu sold at ‘moody’s Matt place who is now
deceased of unknown caused).
Despite numerous attempts (helped by her husband), she never had the
abilities to change water into wine. So she watched Eastenders. She knew
that the following day, she had to face with dignity her fate.
Betrayed by her body, she was going to be tortured by the NHS.

On the First day after her last supper, she will have to drinks gallons of salty
On the Second day, she will have to have….
On the Third day, after all this, surely a Saint she will be.

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